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Fazio is a Character that Appeared in Leprechaun 3 along side his partner Loretta.


When Fazio Steals a Gold coin from the Leprechaun he wishes that he were the greatest magician in the world.


Shortly after, Fazio wished to be the best magician in the world. During his magic performance, however, Leprechaun shows up, and attempts to saw him in half. Leprechaun possessed an actual chainsaw at the time, and Fazio knew that Leprechaun was going to kill him. Fazio attempts to make another wish on the coin that he would be at Caesar's Palace, but to no avail since the Leprechaun informs him that he had his wish and that it's pointless because the coin only grants one wish. Everyone in the crowd starts insisting they want the saw trick to be done, not knowing that there would be that much blood and gore. The whole crowd, in disgust, sees Fazio being killed on stage; they all scream in fear.


Leprechaun 3 buzz saw

Leprechaun 3 buzz saw