Ian was a main protagonist who appeared in Leprechaun 2
n Leprechaun 2.

Bio Edit

Ian was a friend of Bridget's and a rival of Cody's. He worked at the Go Kart place in town, and a love triangle was formed between Bridget, Ian and Cody when she ditches Cody infront of Ian, who also bullies Cody and flirts with her infront of Cody, to which Bridget enjoys snd tells Cody there won't be a next time. However she is not quite over Cody but when Ian tries to insinuate she invites him in for sex, her attraction to Ian fades away.

Death Edit

The Leprechaun fools Ian into sticking his face into giant swirling lawnmower blades, ripping his face to shreds.

Trivia Edit

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