Loretta is a character in Leprechaun 3, she works for Mitch alongside Fazio. She's known in the fact

her boobies unusually sag down to her belly button.

Personality Edit

Loretta is snarky and is shown to be rather sleazy. However, she does seem to have pretty low self esteem at times. Gorgeous big tits and beautiful all together

Death Edit

Once Loretta had made her wish, she wished to be Young and beautiful again. She then shows off her new body to casino patrons on her way to greet Fazio. While boasting in the mirror, she informs him of the magic coin, which Fazio soon steals and locks Loretta in the dressing room. Loretta is mesmerized by her looks in the mirror until the Leprechaun shows up. He uses his magic to distort her new body. The Leprechaun inflates her lips, boobs, and butt to mammoth proportions. Loretta attempts to escape through a nearby doorway but her butt has grown too big to fit through. The doorframe splinters as Loretta continues to struggle and grow larger. The Leprechaun pulls out an umbrella as Loretta realizes the inevitable. She becomes absolutely hysterical and ultimately explodes.

Her death is the golden chainsaw in Dead Meat's kill count