This page is for the weapons that were used in the Leprechaun film series leading from firearms to melee weapons.


Webley .455 Mk VI-In the first film Daniel O' Grady is seen using

                   a webley.455 to fight off the leprechaun.


Smith and Wesson model 10-In the first film deputy tripet uses a smith and wesson model 10 as his service weapon.                                                                                                 


police model.


original model.

IN the third film Gupta the pawn shop owner uses an orginally

modeled smith and wesson revolver.

Single Action Army-In the fourth film the leprechaun can be seen                                                                                               using a single action army revolver.                                         




Smith and Wesson model 15-In the second film a police officer

                                  can be seen using a smith and wesson

                                  model 15 as his service weapon.

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